Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What she read, what she wrote, what she did

This is another try to get a new blog started. As you know, the Writers' Plot blog came to an end with the New Year. Rather than join another blog group now, I decided to just post my random thoughts and see if anyone noticed. Since it is impossible for me to focus on anything for very long, I'm giving myself leverage to talk about what I read, what I write, and what I do, where I go, and, for good measure, what I eat (just now and then, probably). So far I have written a blog about how I think 2010 is going to go (and already that's totally wrong; so much for resolutions, or do we call that "planning"?). I wrote a blog about Lisa Lutz's Revenge of the Spellmans, another about Grandpa Losefsky taking the train from The Bronx to Poughkeepsie to visit us, bearing deli goodies, and another one even I've forgotten.
You will probably never see those blogs, because I can't figure out how to cut-and-paste them and I'm too busy (or, okay, maybe lazy) to rewrite them. And frankly, if even I can't remember it, it's not all that earth-shattering. So I'm starting from scratch.
This post is just a test to see if it actually works. After that, as someone said, "le deluge".